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In these days of changing governments, economic conditions, values and religious positions on long held teachings we are convinced more and more these are the days just prior to the 'rapture' of the church - believers.

Prophecy provides a source of encouragement and guidelines so we will know where we are in the entire plan of God. Prophecy is not to cause fear or dread, but joyful hope and expectation for the return of the Lord Jesus.

Since God provide a 'Revelation' we know He has never intended to keep us in the dark. This series will teach you how to read prophecy, and just how 'broad' the term 'prophecy'. You do NOT have to be a 'brian' to figure it out - just boarn again of the Holy Spirit. The 'carnal mind' cannot understand the things of the Spirit, but you - the believer - are not carnal! You have the Teacher! The Holy Spirit!

We will show you how easy it is to open the door to tomorrow and see what is coming.

Join us for the next few Wednesday evenings and you will learn so you can live and share what you have learned!